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Does your graffiti area have a dull spot yet?

Why cover the entire screen when you already have a plastic or leather cover. 95% of the wear and tear is only around the graffiti area. Other products makes the screen cloudy or blurry. Protect and enhance your investment!

The PALMSHIELD (US$3.00/pk.* for 2 pks)

* protects the graffiti area
* does not make the screen cloudy
* improves the feel of writing
* lasts for months
* includes 2 pcs./pk.

Works with all:
Palm Series
Handspring Visors Series
IBM WorkPads Series
TRG Series
Symbol Series
Sony CLIE Series

Suggested Retail Price: US$5.00/pk.

1 ORDER = US$6.00 (US$3.00*/pk. x 2 pks.)+ S&H

Shipping & Handling:

Regular registered mail:
US$2.00/order of 2 pks.
Please allow 3~4 weeks for delivery.

Express mail:
US$7.00/order of 2 pks.
Please allow 5~7 days for delivery.

FedEx or DHL:
US$27.00/order of 2 pks.
Please allow 1~2 days for delivery.
*The price is only applicable when purchasing 2 packs or more and only good for the first 5,000 pks.

For volume discounts go to Our Policies page.

Our Policies

Special Introductory Price: US$3.00/pk.*

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